Changing your top plates.

How to change your top plate on a PS4 Controller.

The top plates that we provide are generally Generation one or two, if you have a generation three controller our top plates will not fit, but there is a way to make them fit, its easy and simple to do, just turn the plate over and carefully cut away the centre pin, the plate will then fit onto your controller.

If you are unsure what generation your controller is please watch this video.


How to change your Xbox One 3.5mm or Xbox One Elite top plate.

Please view this very short and clear video on how to change your plates, you will need a T8 torque screwdriver easily from online stores.

How to change your Xbox one 3.5 mm / Xbox one original controllers.


How to change your Elite top plates.


How to change Elite rings.


How apply a PS4 light bar decal.