Changing your top plates.

How to change your PS4 V1 and V2 Controller top plates.

Version 1 of the PS4 controller has three generations of controller, gen 1 gen 2 and gen 3 inside these shells is a screw pin that holds the boards together, I remove this pin so that all of our V1 shells will fit any generation controller you may have, this is a NON essential part and the four screws that hold the shells together will suffice in keeping it all together and secure.

Version 2 ( PRO and SLIM ) also has three generations of controller and the pins are removed as described in the above statement.

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The video below is how to change a V1 controller but if you follow these steps the V2 is very similar in the way it is changed.


How to change your Xbox One 3.5mm, S and Elite controller top plates.

Please view this very short and clear video on how to change your plates, you will need a T8 torque screwdriver, if you do not have one you can purchase one from our website.

All Xbox One versions are exactly the same to change over the three different styles ( 3.5mm original, S and Elite. )

How to change your Xbox One 3.5mm controller, S controller and Elite top plate.



How to change Elite rings.


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