Convention Season Is Now Upon Us

As we come out of lockdown and the pressures of COVID-19 we are now heading to brighter times, with this is sight I can happily say we are now scheduled for four conventions. These conventions are running from October to November 2021.

With this in mind there is a greater chance of all order taking up to or over 30 businesses days, this time frame is Mondays to Fridays and does not include weekends, during busy periods we reserve the right to extend this period to ensure quality is maintained though the process of this build.

As I am a sole trader and work alone ( design, paint, build and ship my self ) please understand that I want you to receive the very best in painted controller design and this takes time, on the flip I also have to commit to conventions as well as online sales as this is a big part of my business so please take the time frames into consideration before ordering.


Shipping to the EU

On 24th December 2020, the UK and the EU reached an agreement on how to trade (the Trade and Cooperation Agreement). It entered into force on 1st January 2021. As a result of the agreement, the UK is no longer part of the EU’s single market and customs union and new rules apply. 

From 1st January, the UK has extended the rules which applied to non-EU postal items before. Similarly, the EU now treats postal items from the UK as it did non-EU items before. This means there may be changes to how you send and receive items from abroad.

Once the item arrives at your customs you will be subject to VAT / Import Tax this will be payable before the item is released and then finally shipped to you, any declined payment of this VAT or Tax will see the item sent back to me, if this is the case the item will be VOID of any refund,  the only option will be to pay for shipping again.

The other option is to receive a lower rate refund this will include the time it has taken to build, the shipping of the item and the time it has taken to paint will be taken off the refund.


In light of the uncertainty surrounding the recent outbreak of COVID-19, my priority is the well-being of my customers.
I will continue to be committed to getting your controllers to you;  I am working to a strict health & safety and public health guidelines and I am continually working with our delivery partners to make sure that we are operating in the safest way possible.
I am still working and will commit to getting the customs out ASAP in the light of any kind of delay for example supply chain, there may be delays in the building and shipping of the items, my general time frames are 30 business days This can swing in both directions it could be much sooner or could be slightly over, this is all dependent on stock levels from my suppliers.
So please take this into consideration before buying, as in these difficult times it would be a lengthy process on refunds. You will get your item it just might take longer, my artwork is all made to order and made fresh from the order date. 
Once the delivery has been shipped it may also take a little longer to get to you due to the pandemic, full tracking will be supplied.



Due to the supply and demand on controllers there may be a time were I have to change the colour of the bottom plate of your ordered controller. If this is the case the change will be made to suit the colour of the design, so for example – you may of ordered a Ellie Tattoo design on a black bottom shell and I am out of stock of black controllers it will be built on a white bottom shell and vise versa. This will be out of my control as I depend on my suppliers to supply me.


There is a 30 day warranty upon delivery on the internal parts.
There is also a 30 day warranty upon delivery on the paint. Each one is painted by hand and if you find there is any kind of ware or flaking please email us with images of the issue with the order number. We will not cover any damage that appears to of been dropped or scratched in any way as this is accidental damage.
The mic port and any extreme or slight damage to the body or paint work will not be covered on the warranty as these are tested and checked prior to shipping.

We do not accept refunds or exchanges on any controller showing drift as this is caused by accident damage ( being dropped, liquid spills or dirt and dust ) in some circumstances we will however exchange if within 30 days but no refunds will be given. This is our discretion and will be dependent on time frames of the receipt of the order. There are various videos on YouTube that can actually fix this issue if you can try these fixes you may find it will stop the drifting.

If a controller is returned with any stick drift with out notifying us first the item will NOT be refunded you will NOT be refunded. 

If you want to cancel and it is after one week of the order there will be a cancellation fee of £25 we would not be able to refund you your postage paid also,.


All items purchased from any convention are only exchangeable due to no recipient or any way of knowing the exact price you paid, any damage or faults will be only exchanged, postage is covered by the customer.

Any SALE item purchased at a show is non refundable or exchangeable.

We are not responsible or liable for any damages or breakages made by your  self when changing your own purchased top plate.  Please see our videos for changing PlayStation and Xbox controller top plates, if you have purchased a switch product please search google or YouTube for installation  process. 

Design And Paint.

On rare occasions the design or the colour of the controller may slightly differ from the image in our shop, this is due to all of our items being made to order and paints sometimes are unavailable or discontinued, if this does happen we will choose the closest colour to the original design.

If there is a slight position change or image size this is also due to all of our work being made individually and on some occasions may have a slightly different size or position on the controller.


If the returned item arrives damaged or in an unsatisfactory condition, a refund cannot be offered and if the item cannot be repaired or exchanged and a small charge will apply for the shipping back to you.

Faulty item replacements that are within the 30 day warranty will be fixed as soon as possible but may be delayed due to busy periods, maximum time for a repair or replaced item is 20 – 30 working days.

We will not accept returns for controllers that have already been opened by another person or company.

If we do suspect a controller has been opened prior to it being returned then we will not accept the controller and a fee will be charged to return the item. This will also void any warranties.

Rub or bubbling of paint.

There are a number of reasons why paint ‘rubs’ or ‘bubbles’ on a controller; these are usually located where you would hold your controller in your hands. In our experience rubbing or bubbling is attributed by some lotions, hand sanitiser, medically prescribed creams and medication customers use.  Unfortunately this type of wear is not covered under our warranty. 

Chipping of paint is also not covered under warranty – in experience, chipping is attributed from dropping or sliding a controller across a surface, floor or otherwise. 

Any defects that we can see which are not caused by the detail above will be repaired. If you have a legitimate reason why you should require a replacement, please note that we do not cover any postage fees. This is made payable by the customer.



When ordering a top plate be sure to order the correct version, we offer a top plate that fits Gen 1, Gen 2 and Gen 3.

Our plates will fit all of these as we remove the centre pin inside the plate, removing this pin allows our plates to fit all older Gen controllers please DO NOT worry this does not affect your controller when replacing the plates as it is a non essential part.

If you order a top plate on V1, the design image that  is on the touch plate will not be included as there are three different designs of touch plate on the V1 controller, this makes it impossible for us to know the design of your plate you have on your controller.

If you have generation one two or three controller please order the PS4 top plate.

If you have the new PRO/SLIM controller please order the PRO/SLIM

We have the right to cancel or refund any orders made with prior notice, a refund will be given to any canceled item within 7 – 10 business days.

Build Time And The Shipping.

All controllers are made to order, as they are painted and made to a high standard, please be aware that the whole process can take up to 20 – 30 business days for the controller to be finished and then sent out to you. (Weekends are not included )

All controllers are made from Brand new Official Microsoft Controllers, Sony and Nintendo Products.

We do not interfere or modify any part of the circuit boards or mainframe, this is done so that we can guarantee a fully working controller.

Each controller is tested electrically and also tested via playing a game on a console, to insure the item is sent out in a working condition, you also get a copy of the test results signed by the tester.

During busy periods such a Christmas, Summer Holidays and Conventions or when we are on Holiday ourselves we reserve the right to extend this period to ensure quality is maintained during the manufacturing process.

During convention season ( March to November ) there is a greater chance of all order taking up to or over 30 businesses days not including weekends.

Shipping is sent via Royal Mail tracked and sign for upon delivery, you will receive a tracking number via e-mail the day the controller is shipped to you.

If you are from the UK it will be a first class delivery and sign for.

If you are from overseas the item will be sent via Royal Mail Air recorded and sign for upon delivery.

You can track your item using your countries postal service.

If you desire DHL shipping please email or contact us prior to making the order as this can be arranged.

You may on very very rare occasions have to pay a small customs fee for international shipping this is out of our control and are not liable for any fees applied to you by your customs upon delivery of your item.

If for any reason the item is running late or lost we will do our upmost best to investigate this and see were or what is happening to the item.

If  in the very rare case that the item is lost there will be a waiting period of 25 days of the postage date, and then an investigation will be made into the delivery failure and a new item will be sent out to you once made.



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